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So you have produced some videos and you want to share them on your website with your audience but are not sure what to do? Well here are 4 different options we think are the best including the one we prefer: Host it on your website This means to simply upload the video file on […]

We just realized a small lightweight plugin to get a list of all your permalinks of your WordPress site in CSV format. You can download it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/list-urls/ Or just install it from your WordPress site, search for List Urls in the plugin repository. This plugin is useful for site maintenance and inventory.

We have been working on hard on a new WordPress plugin called Remote Media Library Flickr Pro which let’s you connect you Flickr account into your WordPress media library. This allow WordPress publisher to save lots of time between WordPress and their Flickr account. Also the plugin allow you to upload image from your WordPress […]

Creating a visual rich design for your website is really dependent upon adding pictures or illustrations. A web site without any type of media will feel a bit bland, unless amazing work has been done with typography and colors, which is rarely the case. So, yeah you need pictures. No everybody has the talent of […]

We are proud to announce the release of Conquer Mobile new website. The design was provided by Work[at]Play and we did the HTML/CSS and content management system integrations. Get all the details about the project here »