Free stock photos best resources

Creating a visual rich design for your website is really dependent upon adding pictures or illustrations. A web site without any type of media will feel a bit bland, unless amazing work has been done with typography and colors, which is rarely the case.

So, yeah you need pictures. No everybody has the talent of taking amazing pictures or the budget of hiring a professional photograph. Your option is then to use what we called stock photos; generic pictures of great quality for a low cost. Lots of site now offers stock photos, like IstockPhoto, ShutterStock, just to name those.

However, you might have a really tiny budget and those sites are now charging more and more for those great quality stock photos.

Fortunately, couple of sites have spruce up recently offering totally free stock photos, which for most part can be used in commercial project without any restrictions.

Here is a list of some of those sites:

If you have other resources, please share in the comments and we will added to the list.

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